In a resounding call for change, a coalition of forward-thinking leaders, Women On IT founder Beata Young among them, was among the signatories of a letter calling for the UK Government to work with the finance sector to elevate London as the global centre for space finance and investment. This visionary initiative isn’t just about economic dominance but signifies a seismic shift in the space industry—one that holds profound implications for fostering innovation, sustainability, and, notably, creating impactful opportunities for women in technology.

London’s Odyssey: Transforming Space Finance

The letter accentuates the UK’s prowess in science, technology, and legal frameworks, carving out London’s destiny as the primary hub for space finance. More than a bid for global supremacy, this mission is a rallying cry for a new era of sustainable practices, with the aim of managing space debris and ensuring ethical space activities. London’s ascent in space finance is not just a leap into the unknown but a bold venture into a future where technology and sustainability coalesce.

Empowering Women In The Cosmos

Amidst the cosmic ambitions, a transformative dimension emerges—the opportunity for women in technology to carve their indelible mark on the space finance landscape. This isn’t merely about breaking gender norms; it’s about unleashing a wave of diverse perspectives and untapped potential. Women can be the architects of innovative solutions, catalysts for change, and advocates for sustainable practices, reshaping the very fabric of space finance.

The Impact of Inclusion

1. Disrupting the Status Quo: The call for London to lead in space finance is a call to disrupt the status quo, challenging traditional norms that have long excluded women from the forefront of technological revolutions.

2. Innovation Amplified: Women in technology bring a unique lens to problem-solving. Their inclusion amplifies the innovative spirit of the space finance sector, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

3. Sustainability in Action: The emphasis on sustainability aligns seamlessly with women’s commitment to responsible practices. Their involvement can catalyze the development of eco-friendly solutions and strategies to mitigate the environmental impact of space activities.

Collaborative Resonance

The collaborative plea between the government and the financial sector is more than a bureaucratic collaboration—it’s a symphony of collective ambition. It’s a call for unity in action, transcending gender, backgrounds, and industries. This collaborative resonance sets the stage for a future where diversity is not just celebrated but becomes the driving force behind groundbreaking progress.


As London charts its course to be the vanguard of space finance, the implications for women in technology are profound. This isn’t just about reaching for the stars; it’s about creating a gravitational pull that draws in diverse talents, ideas, and perspectives. The impact of this mission extends beyond economic metrics—it’s about shaping a future where women play a pivotal role in steering the course of technological evolution towards a more sustainable and inclusive cosmos. In this odyssey, London’s rise is not just a financial ascent but a collective journey towards a transformative future.

The letter was signed by:

  • Sally Bridge­land Chair, Impax Asset Man­age­ment Group; Non Exec­ut­ive Dir­ector, Pen­sion Insur­ance Cor­por­a­tion, RSA and Royal Lon­don Lord Crom­well House of Lords, Lon­don SW1, UK
  • Sir Wil­liam Rus­sell Lord Mayor, City of Lon­don (2019-2021)
  • Ian Taylor Former Min­is­ter for Sci­ence & Space and former Chair National Space Academy Steer­ing Group
  • Sir Mark Boleat Former Chair of Policy & Resources, City of London
  • Professor Sir Paul Curran President of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society & immediate past President of City, University of London
  • Carolyn Dawson CEO, Founders Forum
  • Madush Gupta Policy Lead Innovation & Technology, City of London
  • Air Vice Marshall Andrew Turner Founder Space4Sight & former Deputy Head RAF
  • Sam Adlen Co-CEO, Space Solar
  • Jodi Bartin Director, Citicourt Tom Bohills Principal, Founders Law
  • Alex Deane Partner, FTi
  • Peter Hewitt Co Chairman, Universal Defence & Security Solutions
  • Rupert Hope Managing Director, Connected Capital
  • Michelle Howard Associate Partner, Astroanalytica
  • Susannah De Jager Independent Consultant
  • Gemma James Head of Aerospace, Founders Law
  • Dr. Tom James Deep Space Technologies Jamie Lesser Founder/CEO, New Space Finance
  • Ida Levine Principal, Two Rivers Associates Limited
  • Nayen Pankhania Director Strategy & Investment, Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Bepi Pezzulli Director Italia Atlantica
  • Ehsan Razavizadeh Former Managing Director, London Space Innovation Centre; and Visiting Fellow, City, University of London
  • Paul Ross Chairman, Optifuel, Chair CEA and former Director Advanced Engineering Sector Advisory Board
  • Susan Walton Director, Frost Consulting
  • Mike Weston Chair of Trustees, Institute of Cancer Research Pension Scheme
  • Mark Wheatley Director, Delano Wheatley Consulting
  • Beata Young CEO, WomenOnIT
  • Patrick L Young Chairman, Exchange Invest

Read the full copy of the letter in Financial Times.

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