Thank you very much for your support and interest in our community!

Since I have been self-financing the community, it has been a roller coaster. I know though I am doing it for many generations of women AND men! The world will be a better place when we achieve balance. We need more women (and people underrepresented in tech) like you, digitally native, taking their seat at the table, being hired and promoted based on potential, just like men do all the time!

Do you have to be a woman to become a member?

Of course not! Anyone can benefit from our community. We welcome all support. If you would like to offer support and sponsor a membership to make sure more untapped female talent can benefit from workshops, please get in touch!

Our workshops will be for paid members. You will appreciate I need financial support to maintain the organisation and deliver workshops, meetups and closed meetings (we have some exciting guests our paid members will have a chance to meet face to face).

With membership starting from 23.60 (for students) I do hope you will see the value in subscribing to one of the following:

Individual Membership: €118

Corporate Membership: €354 for up to 4 nominated members

Super Corporate Membership: €590 for up to 10 nominated members

Student/Overseas Membership: €23.60

What’s in it for you?

Community Plans:

2022 Community Plans:
  (hybrid: on and offline)

One mentoring session per annum


10% of Your membership fee will be spent on WOnIT mentorship:
The WOnIT Mentorship Program is developing a mentoring network encouraging women in IT, promoting leadership, career enhancement & entrepreneurship. Our mentorship philosophy focuses simultaneously on both established professionals, as well as the next generation of women in Malta and around the world.

All fees are annual (VAT included).

Memberships commence from the date of payment, and invitations to our events will be delivered to your email.